PC 380

Microprocessor controlled digital system with GRAPHIC NEGATIVE LCD 12 COLOURS control panel having the following functions: digital clock, test car and service battery B1 and B2 condition (volt and graphic), test drinking water tank level (percentage and graphic), test internal and external temperature, waste water tank alarm, electronic battery separator, control 3-way fridge, protection fuses, control car battery recharging, save service battery function, software update via USB, “twilight” sensor.


LCD Control panel PC380 113800
12V distribution box – protection fuses DS300 209000
10A switching battery charger CB510 311511
Drinking water tank electronic probe (indicate the tank height on the purchase order) SPE/… 5120:::
Screw probes for waste water tank SS/P 505000
Cables kit for probes L=6 m CCS200 709020
Cables for control panel L=6 m CP973-6 709623
Cable with sensors for internal and external temperature (L=1.5m and L=5m) CTIE-2 708661
50 fuse + fuseholder for batteries (car and service R450 222551